Beautiful quality Themis photos of Jim and Pam

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Two more beautiful high quality versions of the Themis 1969 photo shoot taken by Raeanne Rubenstein.

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Jim Morrison on his way to Santa Rosa with Pam 1968

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The following Screen captures were made by the webmasters of Pamela Courson She Dances In a Ring of Fire. These were from the new Feast of Friends documentary. This was film on April 13, 1968 and Jim was on his way to Santa Rosa to make it to one of The Doors show. The woman driving the car seems to be none other then Pamela Courson. When you get the chance, buy Feast of Friends or Netflix it at the very least. It’s incredible to watch in great quality and the extras are fantastic!




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More better quality photos of Jim and Pam from 1969 Bronson Caves & Norton Avenue Apartment

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More stunning quality photos of the Edmund Teske Bronson Caves and Norton Ave Apt 1969 photo shoot have been published.











Photographer copyright and credit: Edmund Teske
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Bronson Caves from

jim morrison, pamela courson

Another beautiful picture of Jim and Pam for sale at From their website:

An original 11″ x 14″ photograph of Doors frontman Jim Morrison and girlfriend Pamela Courson in Hollywood’s Bronson Canyon, by celebrated photographer Edmund Teske. This is a hand printed photograph, 11″ x 14″ and in mint condition, with Teske’s studio stamp on the reverse.

Edmund Teske was a highly regarded fine art photographer who photographed The Doors and Jim Morrsion in 1969 and 1970. His work was exhibited at major galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Pasadena Art Museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and a one man exhibition at Los Angeles’ J.Paul Getty Museum. His images appear on The Doors’ “American Prayer” and “13″ albums. A rare and beautiful original print.


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Jim Morrison & Pamela Courson – Original Color Themis Boutique Photo

jim morrison, pamela courson

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An original 11″ x 14″ photograph of Doors frontman Jim Morrison with his girlfriend/muse Pamela Morrison (with red hair) and friends, shot at Pamela’s clothing store Themis, in Hollywood.  This was shot for an article in Story magazine during the late 1960′s, by photographer Raenne Rubinstien.  This is a hand printed photograph in mint condition, printed on Agfa Professional photo paper.  A rare and beautiful original print (we are selling only the photographic print here; the copyright remains with the photographer.)


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Now available Jim Morrison and Pam Courson’s Norton Avenue house

jim morrison, pamela courson

The house at 8216 Norton Avenue.

It’s official! The house at 8216 Norton Avenue where Jim Morrison and Pam Courson once lived is now a bed and breakfast. The property also boasts a plaque stating “Last U.S. Home of Jim Morrison”.

Cheri Woods the owner of the Norton Avenue house, which she calls ‘Cheri Amour’ has a long track record of trying to exploit the property and its association with Morrison and Courson for profit. She’s sold vials of dirt from the property calling it ‘Doors Dirt’, the appliances, and against zoning laws has rented the house out and given quick tours for $20. This past spring Woods applied for and has been granted a Cultural Resource Designation paving the way for her to make the property a bed and breakfast.

Yesterday a rental listing went live online for monthly rentals of the house. Of course the main attraction is being in the same space as Morrison and Courson, sleeping in their master bedroom, or sitting in the same living room where Morrison gave his last U.S. interview to Ben Fong-Torres. The house boasts easy access to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the Sunset Strip (“for the exciting night life where you will rub shoulders with the stars”). The listing also assures, “We are the location of choice for entertainment industry luminaries!” You can also bring your pets to stay with you.

A few drawbacks, no central air though a couple of rooms have window unit air conditioners, and a minimum stay of 30 days. How much does this all cost? Average price $3000 for the month. If you would like more information on staying at the Norton Avenue house or you would like to see a slideshow of the interior, visit Jim Morrison’s Last U.S. Home at Roomorama. Tell them Jim sent you.

Photo and text by Jim Cherry