Bohemian vibes: the Boho hat

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I have a little boho-girl who lives inside me. She rarely comes out, but when she does, it’s all about relaxed dresses and numerous rings.

I have been looking for the perfect boho hat lately and I am still on that mission. So for today’s fashion inspiration I found some gorgeous pictures of what I call “the boho hat”.

boho hatboho hat 2

1) Here you can find numerous styles of this hat.

2) The Urban Outfitters one.

3) Summery feeling.

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All That Glitters: Lovely Boho Glam Collection By Shut The Front Door by Marriageous

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All That Glitters: Stunning Boho Glam Collection by Shut The Front Door

Stunning Boho Glam Assortment
Calling all sparkle monsters. This submit is for you! If you’ve been a fan of the weblog for a whilst, you will know that I’m completely obssesed with a bit of gold and glitter. So when my be… if you want to view full content please visit this

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Plus Size – Crochet Top

Don’t Desert Me

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Ready, set, draw! Nastygal’s newest lookbook collection, Desert Me is setting fashion off with a bang. The western inspired collection incorporates suede, fringe, boho elements and vintage designer pieces from Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and DKNY. As a girl who loves black, structured, modern and sleek styles, I wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards this western look. However, the lookbook photo shoot featuring model, Yumi Lambert completely sparked my eyes. Especially the Vintage Roberto Cavalli Reef Raff Leather Pants Yumi wore in the first photo. Check out Yumi’s shoot and shop my favorite pieces from the collection!

written by Shelby Cofrances

Jeffrey Campbell Hendrix Sandal

Vintage High Noon Fringe Jacket

Eagle Eyes Hoop Earrings

Vintage Roberto Cavalli Reef Raff Leather Pants

Vintage Gypsy Rose Scarf

Vintage Glitz in the System Jacket

Vintage Outlander Blouse

Vintage West End Girl Hat

Sky High Necklace

Freebird Rolling Buckle Boot

Vintage Moschino Animal Instincts Pant

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Let’s Talk About Jim Morrison

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This week, we mourned the 43rd anniversary of the death of a great artist and figurehead of the 60s and 70s. Jim Morrison was far too young (27 years old) when he died (possibly of a drug overdose).

So it goes.

I love what Jim Morrison did for The Doors and the culture of that era, but I would like to clear some things up about The Doors.

Many people believe Jim Morrison was the lead artist of his immortal band. While he was an influential frontman and a huge part of the band’s image, he was not the lead artist. The other members of The Doors (Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore) all put in equal or greater influence into the actual music of The Doors.

Sure Jim Morrison wrote a lot of their big songs (like “The End” and “Peace Frog”), but this may or may not…

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Day 6: Landscape of the Dead

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We had several hours to hang out in Paris following our visit to Normandy. We decided to spend that time meandering through Père Lachaise Cemetery.  Our goal was to first find the burial location of Jim Morrison but as we wandered I was both awed and amazed at the grave sites we were passing through. The cemetery felt a bit surreal which is  not unusual, but at some points it seemed we were passing through an abandoned city. I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had seen the door to one of the tombs open and it’s occupant step out as if to pick up the morning paper.  This place definitely had conveyed the atmosphere of a Tim Burton movie. Many of the tombs/crypts showed extraordinary craftsmanship and artistry; they were truly amazing. We eventually found Morrison’s grave as well as Oscar Wilde’s and they had one thing in common, other…

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The chronicles of europe #4 – Jim Morrison is dead.

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Dateline: Pink Floyd +1

For first time visitors Paris is the perfect vacation waiting to happen – with her wide sweeping avenues, laid back atmosphere, public gardens, resplendent architecture, the artsy crowd gathering under the bridge in the evenings, Paris is an angel that holds you in her thrall.

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Morrison Grave in Pere La Chaise

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More Pere La Chaise photos:

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