Recent pictures from Pamela Courson Grave

Photos credited to these Instagram users: Kimmygibbl3r, miss_disast3r, asiatle60, selinnnna

Video: Stories of my time with Jim Morrison

From Michael Bearded: “A few stories from my days hanging out with Jim Morrison of The Doors. Including the time his lawyer stashed me away in a cabin in Topanga while some legal… Continue reading

New rare photo of Pamela from 1969

A new rare photo of Pamela from the Bronson Caves photos taken by Edmund Teske in 1969. Photo was provided by

New rare outtake of Jim and Pam from Themis

I’ll just copy and paste directly from the website who posted this photo and information which was Frank Lisciandro: What about Pam’s shop, Themis? Babe: I remember being around there one day… Continue reading

Jim and Pam Love Street home 1974

Picture of Jim and Pam’s Laurel Canyon home in 1974. This is the original way the house looked before it was renovated. Photo provided by

Song lyrics written by Pamela Courson

Handwritten lyrics by Pamela Courson. Provided by

The connection between Slash and Jim Morrison

Ola Hudson was a fashion designer in the 60’s and 70’s. She also happened to be the mother of one of the most famous guitarist in the world, Slash. Pamela Courson was a… Continue reading

Jim and Pam share a smile in Paris

Great picture of Jim and Pam in Paris uploaded by

New rare photo of Jim Morrison with Pamela Courson at the Cheetah Club NYC 1967

Jim Morrison with Girlfriend Pamela Courson at the Cheetah Club NYC 1967. The picture is owned and sold by  Oscar Abolafia. If you would like to purchase one for yourself,  go to the… Continue reading

New unpublished picture of Pamela

A new unpublished picture of Pam from 1968 posted by The picture is from a set of photos taken of Pam backstage at a Doors concert. One was released many years ago… Continue reading