Beautiful full version of a Themis photo 1969

Beautiful scan of one of the pictures from the 1969 Themis set posted by

Pamela’s mother Penny Courson’s Obituary

July 11th will be the one year anniversary since Pearl “Penny” Courson, the mother of Pamela Courson, died of Cancer. Today while searching google, I found this beautiful page with the scanned newspaper… Continue reading

Oliver Stones ‘The Doors’ Meg as Pam

I have not seen The Doors by Oliver Stone in over 15 years. It was nice to see all these screen caps uploaded onto Tumblr today. It brought back some fond memories of first seeing… Continue reading

Magazine scans of Jim and Pam from Finnish Magazine

Beautiful scans from the Themis photo sessions have been scanned by the kind people who run the Pam Courson Community page on Facebook. Their page is: A delight to see these pictures… Continue reading

A look at the new Love Street House

In 2011, the iconic home of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, located in Laurel Canyon, L.A, was burned down by an arsonist. Doors fans around the world were shocked to hear this news. Here… Continue reading

The beautiful brunette posing with Jim and Pam for the Themis photos

The gorgeous brunette posing with Jim and Pam in the Themis photo shoot is Tere Tereba. I have written about her in the past on this page which you can read on this… Continue reading

Beautiful photo of Pamela Courson by Edmund Teske 1969

Beautiful quality Themis photos of Jim and Pam

Two more beautiful high quality versions of the Themis 1969 photo shoot taken by Raeanne Rubenstein. Photos provided by:

Jim Morrison on his way to Santa Rosa with Pam 1968

The following Screen captures were made by the webmasters of Pamela Courson She Dances In a Ring of Fire. These were from the new Feast of Friends documentary. This was film on April 13, 1968 and Jim was on his… Continue reading

More better quality photos of Jim and Pam from 1969 Bronson Caves & Norton Avenue Apartment

More stunning quality photos of the Edmund Teske Bronson Caves and Norton Ave Apt 1969 photo shoot have been published.   Photographer copyright and credit: Edmund Teske uploaded credit from: