Young woman has Pam’s white 1968 dress duplicated for her graduation party (update)


A young woman on instagram uploaded a picture of her new dress, which she had made to look exactly like the dress Pamela wore in 1968 for The Beard premiere and the Coconut Grove dinner party .

The young woman’s instagram page is:

the young woman wearing the dress!





In response to this image of Pam and Michael in the 70’s


In response to this picture that was submitted to me 8 months ago and replying to this quote left on a Pam Courson Facebook Page from the authors of “She Dances in a Ring Of Fire” ;

 “we’ve seen a few instances of random resemblances that people attempted to pass off as relevent but weren’t, including a rack of old vintage clothing quoted as Themisian clothing.”

I know that English is not the first language for one or both of these authors, so I would like to think the blunt response is due to that. I would like to reiterate that these pictures of Pam and Michael Verjaska was submitted to this website. The person wanted to remain anonymous and they posted it anonymous. No doubt the person in the picture looks and dressed like Pam at the time. The hair cut and color is another burning factor. I don’t believe the person who submitted these photos was trying to pass these along for malicious reason’s or to pretend it Pamela. It’s feasible why anyone would think it’s her because it looks like her. What if it really is Pamela and Michael? What if they were captured on film that day and the director or editors of that particular Charles Manson documentary decided to keep that clip in their documentary? It’s feasible. With that in mind, unless someone has a definitive and positive 100% proof it’s not Pam and Michael, it will remain on this page.

Behind the picture Jim Morrison levitating Pamela


From the Examiner’s page:

“According to Bez the reason the pictures were taken with Courson was because “Pam was just tagging along with Jim and wanted to try the trick.” But the pictures of Courson “levitating” almost didn’t work out because Courson was “quite a bit larger than Cathy, she did a good job of balancing on the rig.” The one sad bit of information is that Bez took a lot more pictures of Morrison that day but they were stolen.”

To read the rest of the article here is the link