Art Fein on Pamela Courson

 A comment about Pamela by Art Fein’s on his website: “Seeing his companion Pamela (who followed him in death later in the 70s) jarred loose a memory of spending a couple of hours… Continue reading

Mention of Themis in Rag Magazine 1970

scanned by and owned by Baron Wolman

Pam’s shop Themis today

Pam’s shop ‘Themis’ is still there today as an oriental rug shop. Photos are from:

Jim and Pam last address before going to Paris – 8214 Norton Avenue

This was Jim Morrison’s last home before leaving to Paris. Both he and Pam lived on the second floor. These photos are from the website

Pam’s mom Penny in Inside the Fire: My Strange Days with The Doors

Penny spoke to Cameron for his book Inside The Fire: My Strange Days with The Doors. The book was written by B. Douglas Cameron, David R. Greenland. Interesting short interview.

Jim, Pam and Sage in Men & Dogs: A Personal History from Bogart to Bowie

From the book                Men & Dogs: A Personal History from Bogart to Bowie  By Judith Watt, Peter Dyer

More Jim Morrison scans from Laurel Canyon book

Some wonderful scans about Jim that I found on Tumblr, uploaded by

Miss Pamela on Jim Morrison

Some wonderful scans I found on tumblr uploaded by Here is one of them written by Pamela Des Barres.

Diane Gardiner on Pamela Courson

“Pam was one of the funniest people I ever met. She was beautiful, she looked like the Snow Queen and yet she did things like collect Lugers. She had a vicious sense of… Continue reading

Full Ben-Fong Torres Interviews Jim Morrison & Pamela Courson 1971