A look at the new Love Street House

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In 2011, the iconic home of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, located in Laurel Canyon, L.A, was burned down by an arsonist. Doors fans around the world were shocked to hear this news. Here is a review of the “Love Street” fire story written by Jim Cherry: “Harry Burkhart, a German national was taken into custody Monday, January 2, 2012 in connection with the Los Angeles fires that officials have estimated to have caused $3 million dollars in damages including the Laurel Canyon house that Jim Morrison and “cosmic mate”, Pam Courson, lived in during the 60’s. The house inspired Morrison to write the song, “Love Street”, about their time there.

While the exact motivation for Burkhart starting the fires isn’t known, his mother was arrested last week on fraud charges stemming from incidents in their native Germany. At his mother’s hearing Burkhart broke out in an expletive filled rant against the U.S. While he made no specific threat to either person or property, the fires started within 24 hours of the hearing.

Burkhart was identified by federal authorities after seeing a video of the arsonist taken at a carport where one of the fires broke out. He was later picked up by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy who saw him driving a van similar to one reported in the area of the fires and was arrested on suspicion of arson and is expected in court Wednesday January 4th.”


More from Jim Cherry: “The house, built in 1923, was the residence of Morrison and Courson, it was the inspiration for The Doors song “Love Street”. The house sits right above the Laurel Canyon Country Store whose clientele has included rock stars from Morrison, Frank Zappa, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Peter Tork, or just about any rock star that lived in the canyon. Morrison memorialized the store in “Love Street” as “the store where the creatures meet.“ The house now being billed as ‘chateau’ and is available for filming, small events and/or weddings. The nightly rent runs to $1095, and weekly it will cost up to $6495.”

Now images of the new refurbished “Love Street” home has been released together with a great story of Jim Morrison by Taylor Negron. The following are photos of what the house looks like now, taken by Kaango Home Listings.



Taylor Negron’s story can be read at Jim Cherry’s Examiner’s page :


The beautiful brunette posing with Jim and Pam for the Themis photos

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The gorgeous brunette posing with Jim and Pam in the Themis photo shoot is Tere Tereba. I have written about her in the past on this page which you can read on this link. https://pamelasusancoursonmorrison.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/pamela-courson-friendship-with-tere-tereba/

Just thought I post some solo photos of Tere from Themis since she was also part of designing clothes and helping Pam out. She always sticks out a lot in the Themis pictures. Beautiful lady just like Pam.










This is a picture of Tere today still looking as beautiful.


Photo’s courtesy of these pages: http://pamelacourson.tumblr.com/, http://bandaidpennylane.tumblr.com/, http://mygloombeauty.tumblr.com/

Beautiful quality Themis photos of Jim and Pam

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Two more beautiful high quality versions of the Themis 1969 photo shoot taken by Raeanne Rubenstein.

p1 p2
Photos provided by: http://recordmecca.com/

Jim Morrison on his way to Santa Rosa with Pam 1968

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The following Screen captures were made by the webmasters of Pamela Courson She Dances In a Ring of Fire. These were from the new Feast of Friends documentary. This was film on April 13, 1968 and Jim was on his way to Santa Rosa to make it to one of The Doors show. The woman driving the car seems to be none other then Pamela Courson. When you get the chance, buy Feast of Friends or Netflix it at the very least. It’s incredible to watch in great quality and the extras are fantastic!




Screen caps credits https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pamela-Courson-She-Dances-In-a-Ring-of-Fire/526308087482227

More better quality photos of Jim and Pam from 1969 Bronson Caves & Norton Avenue Apartment

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More stunning quality photos of the Edmund Teske Bronson Caves and Norton Ave Apt 1969 photo shoot have been published.











Photographer copyright and credit: Edmund Teske
uploaded credit from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pamela-Courson-She-Dances-In-a-Ring-of-Fire/

Bronson Caves from Recordmecca.com

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Another beautiful picture of Jim and Pam for sale at Recordmecca.com. From their website:

An original 11″ x 14″ photograph of Doors frontman Jim Morrison and girlfriend Pamela Courson in Hollywood’s Bronson Canyon, by celebrated photographer Edmund Teske. This is a hand printed photograph, 11″ x 14″ and in mint condition, with Teske’s studio stamp on the reverse.

Edmund Teske was a highly regarded fine art photographer who photographed The Doors and Jim Morrsion in 1969 and 1970. His work was exhibited at major galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Pasadena Art Museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and a one man exhibition at Los Angeles’ J.Paul Getty Museum. His images appear on The Doors’ “American Prayer” and “13″ albums. A rare and beautiful original print.


Go to their official page: