Setting the flowers to bloom

Decided to give this blog a make over. The other template theme, although pretty, wasn’t easy to navigate as this one. I also added a little touch with more photos on the left of the page and made this a tribute blog for Jim Morrison and Pam.  It’s no longer a cosplay or fanfic type of page.  Hope you all like it and enjoy this picture of Jim with his band The Doors, from 1968.

Blog new look & The Doors
photo courtesy from iamtheraven on tumblr

5 thoughts on “Setting the flowers to bloom

  1. Yes I like this page too and LOVE the photo of The Doors in the flowers. Now there’s a good title. Doors in the flowers…I’m getting worse…These photos are great quality and some I have not seen…Oh there are my lampshades…Love these. I have an Indian(India Indian) theme in my living-room with beaded voyle shades, beaded heavy velvel corded tie-backs and bedroom and kitchen lots of unusual dream catchers…These are fantastic so will re-blog these if I may…The page here is quite hippy too…I was a hippy chick without drugs nor cigarettes but drank a little when I sang locally with odd bands for few years then stopped when I sang folk as it bored me. Strange how folks are different…This is great having this little gallery you have here. I’m having to wait for someone paint Brian Jones for me as Getty is too expensive for me right now but I WILl buy from Getty at some point as I’ve so many famous faces in dreams – don’t know why as it was never my dream…PUN…It was my dream but it wasn’t…My friend in South African dreamed I bought a new beret which I’m about to get. I always wore velvet Baker Boy Caps as I too am my own person and care even what folks think less now I’m older. One shot at this life…Thanks for taking time to read the stories….I found out few years back Brian Jones was one of Jim’s heros…I dreamed of RAY before you came on here(just a few days)…Jim and Pam look tired and as if they are waiting for the photographer to just push the button in some of these….Still captures their moods though – fantastic….I’ve had a few successes recently(unexpected) with photos being chosen in Country Newspapers as Photo of The Week) at an old age..That’s me checked mail and off now to work at home on Dream Interpretation/Consultancy Line which pay little but keeps me sane! Nite all…I’m not sure if you are a man or a woman but it doesn’t matter…

  2. Wow. Awesome site. Wanted to say Thank You! for “Liking” my poem, “In Memory of Ray Manzarek”. My youngest daughter, Isabelle, wrote a featured article when he passed last month that was published on the site. That inspired me to write the poem. I was introduced to the Doors music in 1968, and it was an important part of my life, especially in 1970 through the fall of 1971 – especially after Jim’s death.

  3. Yes, that is her article – all hers. I had no (recent) input. Hadn’t thought about those days for a long time … Guess I’m overdue to reach out to some old contacts, especially the friend who got me interested in the Doors. We were a couple of dumb jocks who discovered that playing the Doors full blast before a game gave us some kind of super powers – went on to win 15 straight football games. Don’t ask me; the facts are the facts!!! Nice chatting. Hope I didn’t bore you.

  4. In hindsight, “super powers” is a bit of an overstatement. Basically, we got “charged up” before games by listening to the Doors. I think you’ll agree, there’s a lot of energy in their songs. Sorry, I got carried away!

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