Smoking Diamonds


Well I used to know someone fair

She had orange ribbons in her hair

She was such a trip, she was hardly  there

But I loved her, just the same


There was rain in our  window

The FM set was  ragged

But she could talk, yeah

We learned to  speak

And one year has gone  by


Such a long, long road to seek  it

All we did was break and  freak it

We had all that  lovers ever had

We just blew  it and I’m not sad


And grass by the lake

And people who laughed

And made her poor heart ache

Now we live down in the valley

We work out on the farm

We  climb up to the mountains

And  everything’s fine and I’m still here

And  you’re still there and we’re still around

Photos of Pamela were taken by Edmund Teske but provided from