The Doors Examined is a must read on the legendary band!

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Summertime for me, is usually filled with long relaxing days, listening to music,  sitting out on the patio in the evening and enjoying a really good book. Well this time I have a book that is perfect for you! Whether you are a long time or new  Doors fan, music lover or not. The book is The Doors Examined by Jim Cherry. This book is perfect for all levels of Doors buffs or simply interested in a piece of rock and roll history.  There are so many books out about the Doors but with this book, you get an honest, non biased in depth look at all aspects of  Doors and the supporting characters who where witness to the events surrounding the Doors. In my early twenties, I actually worked on Oliver Stone’s controversial movie,  The  Doors as an extra for several of their concert scenes as well as…

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