Remembering the Lizard King today

42 years ago today, we lost one of the greatest men in the music industry, Jim Morrison. Thinking of him and listening to his poetic lyrics through The Doors music all day long. I cried a few times thinking about the great lost. You are missed so much Jim. Not only by your loved ones but by the legions of fans around the world who love you and are inspired by you. RIP Dear Lizard King.

Remembering the Lizard King today



5 thoughts on “Remembering the Lizard King today

  1. You listed “Indian Summer.” It’s another one of my favorite Doors songs. Jim really didn’t write many love songs but when he did he really hit the ball out of the park. Compare it to bullshit like “Fly Me to the Moon,” which Frank Sinatra sang and was even the title of one of his albums. But I’m not dismissing Frank. He was–in my opinion–the most important singer of the 20th century. I’ve listened to many of his albums, and you can hear the whole range of American popular song in his albums. In fact Jim Morrison, who was a Sinatra fan, learned how to sing by listening to Sinatra’s albums. If you listen to those early demo tapes, they aren’t very good. Jim didn’t find his voice until he learned how to sing by listening to Sinatra. (Another instance of him proving he was a genius. What a difference. Jim was a quick and disciplined learner.

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