Bronson Caves 1969 Part I

Some of the most beautiful photos of Jim and Pam were taken by Edmund Teske in 1969. As Edmund told the story, he went up to visit Jim at his home in Laurel Canyon. Pamela was around and Edmund asked Jim if he could photographed Pamela as well. She was hesitant, but Jim convinced her and she joined along. Their dog Sage came along as well.  The photo session began in their home and went on to continue at the Bronson Caves. Jim had ideas on how the photos needed to look and how he and Pam should pose. They also brought change of blouses and shirts. Jim wanted the photos to have an ethereal touch and asked Mr. Teske if that can be done. Jim also wanted several photos of Pamela posing alone or with Sage, so he stood to the side as Mr. Teske photographed her. Sage, being a dog, wouldn’t stay put for too long, but in all, it was a very fun session. Jim and Pam loved the end results.

The photos were taken in black and white. Many fans online have added color to the photos, so credit to those on the bottom of the page. Later on this week I will add the black and white ones to this page.










Color photos done by fans. Courtesy of


3 thoughts on “Bronson Caves 1969 Part I

  1. I’ve only see a few of these in books and thought they had posed for some which people have to do when they are well-known I know but I’m glad it wasn’t my imagination..Pensive shots and it’s interesting Jim wanted an ethereal feel to them. Some of the photos capture how they were at that moment so could have been taken without a pose…Too hot for me though. Thanks for sharing these.

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