Silver Screen Magic Moment

The most iconic style from Pamela’s closet must be the silver table cloth she wrapped herself in during the Themis photo sessions. The photos were all taken by Raeanne Rubenstein in 1969 for Show magazine. She wore it in various ways as you will see in the following photos. She wears it as a blouse tied to the front in some images and then she wraps it over her body as a one shoulder piece.  As the story goes, Pam saw the pattern at a store and bought it as something to wear. It was meant to be a fancy “hip” table cloth.

Pam has proven to be ahead of her time as it can be shown in these following images. This is a style that many women still wear, particularly, models like Kate Moss. They still sell sequin table clothes, so if you are up to it and want to style yourself like Pam, it can be done!


Kate Moss wearing a blue sequin dress on her 30th birthday bash in London



Table cloth which is similar material to Pamela’s can be bought at Christmas Central for $90



Scarf that can be found in fashion section.



Table cloth that can be acquired at CC&C




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Keep in mine, that if you Google “Sequin Silver scarf” or with the words “wrap” , “table cloth” , “blouse” or “clothes” there will be more choices for you. I am only posting the links to the ones I found that I liked and posted here.

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