The Garden Party

By 1972, Pamela was trying to move on with her life after Jim’s death. These following pictures were taken from a video tape labeled “Garden Party” . This Garden Party took place at an Ambassador’s home in France either in 1972 or 1973. Pam had many friends in France and one of them was the Ambassador and his family.  Pam smiles at the camera trying her best to come across as cheery, but the pain can still be felt in her eyes. The video is on youtube and I posted an entry with it here. Search a few pages back.







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2 thoughts on “The Garden Party

  1. Such a heartache this gives me. Jim M being the poet of my youth he has always been a large part of my music background, and my heart always broke for Pamela
    I am delighted to find your blog and admire what you are doing.

    Thanks so much for liking Pablo Camara’s cover of the Doors The Crystal Ship As Pablo’s manager I find hid cover exquisite.

  2. You didn’t comment on “The Battle of the Bands.” You can reblog it if you’d like. I never thought I’d be licking The Doors over The Beatles, but there’s just something there–Jim’s poetry, his awesome voice, and that incredible miracle music that the other three managed to make. Ahhh, so good. And dark.

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