The Doors – An American Prayer – 1978 – Elektra / Asylum

Vinyl Reminiscence

The Doors - An American Prayer - 1978 - Elektra / Asylum

Back in the early 90s I spent forever trying to find a copy of this record. These days it’s easy to buy on CD but back then it was an effort to find it at all on tape, vinyl or whatever. It took me about 3 years to track down a copy. I’m glad I did. I bought mine from Ashwoods for $4. Ashwoods was an amazing store. The shop first opened in 1932. I had heard that their name derived from a contraction of Ashfield and Burwood. It used to be situated between the two suburbs apparently. The location where most people remember it from was near Central Station on Pitt Street. I used to go there at least once but often twice a week. Sometimes I’d look through every record in the store which was a huge undertaking. Nothing was in much order and there were thousands and…

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