All Together Now

This photo, taken some years ago where John Densmore, together with Jim and Pam’s family attended court.  There have been times when people wanted to use Jim Morrison’s name to exploit him.  Also, The Doors legacy has been in danger of being exploited as well and so family from both parties would go to court to protect Jim. In this case,  this photo with John Densmore must have been taken at the time when Ray and Robby wanted to play live as “The Doors” and John asked the family to help him make it right. Without Jim, it’s no longer The Doors.

This photo was taken from John’s new book Unhinged.

From left; John, Jim’s brother Andy, Pam’s mother Pearl, Jim’s mother, Jim’s sister Anne and Jim’s father.

All together Now

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  1. Happiest Day At Court Photo I’ve Ever Seen! Always wondered what Jim’s brother looked like and others in photo.

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