Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson’s Personal Book

This was interesting to find on youtube. I find it very sad that many of Jim and Pam’s personal belongings are put up for sale without the families permission. From the video:

The foregoing book was scheduled to be placed on the Christie’s Auction site and sold in London England in June of 2010. It has been verified as authentic by some of the finest experts in the world, including the Curator of Christie’s in London.

We received information from Christie’s in May 2010, that the families of both Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson would be objectionable to the sale of the lot going public. Christie’s choose to remove the item as to not offend the families.

We have decided to place the book and its contents up for a more public auction worldwide wherein more than just one collector could benefit from the history and the new, never before released material.

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