Jim Morrison outfit at The Hollywood Bowl

On July 5, 1968, The Doors performed at The Hollywood Bowl.


The entire outfit Jim wore that night was put together by Pamela Courson.  Jim in those days always wore leather pants. Pam just added the blouse, vest and concho belt he wore that night.


The vest was being sold on eBay years ago, which Hard Rock Café bought, together with the leather pants.

It was verified and proven to have belonged to Jim’s.



Not much is known where Pamela bought the vest, but going by the design of the vest itself, it looks Moroccan.   Pam traveled a lot and one of her favorite places was Morocco.


The leather pants were made by January Jensen. Jim bought the Concho belt in Santa Fe, New Mexico in late 1967 or early 1968 and the designer Yves St. Laurent owns the Concho belt now.



Pamela was in the audience that night sitting next to Mick Jagger, who came along to watch the show. I scanned this from a video I have and it’s not a clear picture, but you can sit Pam sitting on the left, and Mick on the right wearing a beige blouse. If you have The Doors Live From The Hollywood Bowl DVD, you can view this scene, in crystal clear HD, when you go to the scene after Jim finishes singing When The Music’s over. The camera pans to the audience and right before it pans back on the band, you will see this image. Ray Manzarak and John Densmore  shared their memories on that night in their books as well as in the commentary highlight of the DVD. Both said Pam was in the audience sitting next to Mick.

If you don’t have the DVD, many have uploaded it on youtube. It’s a really great concert and worth the watch!


Thank you for all this information to the Hard Rock Café http://www.hardrock.com/ as well as:

Shelby68 and mizscarlett43 at thedoors.com


7 thoughts on “Jim Morrison outfit at The Hollywood Bowl

  1. I had a dream about Jim and Mick Jagger few years back but haven’t got round to putting it on paper as it was just proof of an interview Jim had with Mick which I read at a later date. Your Blog has more information about the couple, their life etc. than any of the books I feel. Good luck with it as like me it can’t be easy writing about such controversial and sometimes hated two people by those ignorant to the other side of Pam and Jim. However I’m writing a dream book but switching soon to mystical photography website which will contain this FREE Blog. I had a black cape like Pam’s in 1984 when I was recording in London but I wore these since very young so coincidence here. Lovely colourful blog with amazing layout. Lots liked your blog on Jim speaking about FAT. I’m having a ‘thinking’ period, collaborating with two artists behind the scenes and not writing much this week but am still here and thank-you for your support.

  2. Wow that belt of Jim’s is now owned by a famous designer. Who would imagine this. In 1984 (upon inspiration) I purchased a LOT of clothes which were identical in design almost to that of Jim’s right down to the very colour without knowing. This was when my Spiritual Pop Music music was born (MUSICAL VIBRATIONS)..I think I did a story about this but will check. Pamela was famous in her own right then too as a fashion designer and travelled a lot I see from your blogs. I didn’t know this. See you soon.

  3. Jim Morrison had an incredible style for the time. So glad someone has shared his
    clothes and fashions with people today. He looked fabulous on stage, and with the Doors it’s not a surprise he became a huge rock star. Their music still lives!

  4. The vest is from Pakistan. The second picture down is not the same vest he wore at the Hollywood Bowl. Compare the back. If that is the same vest in the Hard Rock someone got hosed royaly.

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