Unicorns and Jewelry Boxes

I dropped by to see you
late last night
But you were out
like a light
Your head was on the floor
& rats played pool w/your eyes

Death is a good disguise
for late at night

Wrapping all games in its calm garden

But what happens
when the guests return
& all unmask
& you are asked
to leave
for want of a smile

I’ll still take you then
But I’m your friend


Jewelry boxes that once belonged to Pamela Courson, now owned by a Doors fan. I don’t know the story of how the fan got these boxes, but the link to the person who owns them is below this blog post.


Decorations taken from inside Themis. Pamela loved unicorns and bright and colorful plush animals in her boutique.

Courtesy of



Poetry by James Douglas Morrison


2 thoughts on “Unicorns and Jewelry Boxes

  1. I had a jewellery box similar to this which was Indian carved and also tables. Pam had similar taste to me or vice versa. Lovely setting but Jim looks bored or tired in some of the photos, probably both. He didn’t stop being photographed though so he must have enjoyed it. Great re-blog. Thanks.

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