Alberto Marozzi’s Remember’s Pamela Courson

In 2009, Italian photographer and friend to many super stars, Alberto Marozzi, went on a Italian TV show, to talk about his photography. Of the many celebrities he photographed, like The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, he also took pictures of Pamela Courson. They were very good friends who met backstage at a concert. As you will see in the following pictures, taken at a photo booth in 1968, Pamela and Alberto seem to have loved each other’s company and had a lot of fun together! You can watch Alberto’s interview on this link Pamela’s part comes in at 3:16



This photo of Pam at a restaurant eating pizza was also taken by Alberto in 1968
Alberto shares his memories of Pam.



Photos by Alberto Marozzi

Photos and screen caps courtesy by

video courtesy of corriamo on youtube


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