Photos From Jim Morrison’s Freshman Yearbook

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In 1958, Jim Morrison attended Alameda High School in Alameda, just south of Oakland, CA. I have never read any books about Jim, so this may be old news to some. Either way, I hope you like the post.

The freshman class only had group photos of their homeroom included in the yearbook. I guess that individual portraits were also taken, but they are not included in the yearbook.

Jim was also on the Junior Varsity swim team. This photo is a lot clearer, easy to see him.

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2 thoughts on “Photos From Jim Morrison’s Freshman Yearbook

  1. Thanks for this one. I kept my old school photo then lost it and after 40 years I came home one day to see a copy of it on my porch left by someone who just had thought of me that day without knowing I’d lost my copy. This old photo is great for all of those who like me didn’t know much about Jim at all apart from all the rubbish written about his faults! Will re-blog this one…Thanks again.

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