The Last Beat – First look of The Final days of a rock star in ‘The Last Beat’

There is a new film loosely based on Jim Morrison’s last day in Paris that will be starting production very soon. It’s called The Last Beat.

Fans of The Doors will have something positive to look forward to as this film does not look exploitive as Oliver Stone’s film. It will also go deeper into Jim’s mind and what he might have gone through in a better sense then the Episode on VH1’s Jim Morrisons: Final 24,  which were also played by actors.


Shawn Andrews and Cameron Richardson star in the drama loosely based on Jim Morrison’s life. Cameron Richardson will play Pam ( The Red Valkyrie) and Shawn Andrews will play Jim ( The Lonely Lion)
(Another piece of music trivia: Cassel was the guy who gave Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Saul Hudson his nom du rock, Slash. NOTE: Pamela Courson use to baby sit Saul (Slash) when he was a kid. Slash’s mom was good friends with Pam. Pamela actually worked for her and modeled her clothes. Mrs. Hudson also gave Pam advice on how to run a boutique)

The Last Beat is currently in production, and filmmakers will be updating the movie’s Facebook page with songs from the movie and other news.

Promotional pictures from the film





I am totally looking forward to this!

For futher infomation of the film go to the facebook page:!/thelastbeatmovie

Also some news on the film on USA Today


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