Ray and Dorothy’s Wedding

What the picture shows-Two couples in the backseat of a car smiling broadly. The couples are Ray Manzarek and Dorothy Fujikawa, and Jim Morrison and Pam Courson. Ray and Dorothy just got married, at the Los Angeles courthouse, it’s December 21st, 1967.

What the picture doesn’t show- That it’s been a successful year for Manzarek and Morrison. In January of ‘67, their first album, “The Doors” was released and in the interim they’ve had a hit song in “Light My Fire,” they’ve controversially appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, and because of the hit record status of “Light My Fire” each member of The Doors have received $50,000.

Ray Manzarek and Dorothy Fujikawa met while students in an art class at UCLA. He soon becomes infatuated with her, and asks her out and they start dating. In his UCLA student films ”Evergreeen” and “Induction” Dorothy becomes Manzarek’s star and muse. “Induction” is a Godardesque fictionalized account of their romance.

The relationship between Jim Morrison and Pam Courson gets a lot of attention and mythologizing in The Doors world, but the relationship between Ray Manzarek and Dorothy Fujikawa is equally as romantic as Jim and Pam’s, and probably essential to The Doors early survival as a band. While Jim and Ray were working out The Doors’ songs and rehearsing, Dorothy was working a day job in the lab of film company developing pictures, and supporting the struggling musicians. Dorothy has chosen to remain a behind the scenes figure, not acquiring the tragic consequences of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle as Pam Courson did.

Dorothy and Ray have a son name Pablo.

Ray passed away May 20th, 2013.

Ray, Dorothy, Jim and Pam after the wedding
Jim and Pam in the back seat. Pam is holding Dorothy’s flowers.
Image of Ray and Dorothy from their wedding

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