Jim, Pam and Michael Mcclure

This photo of a bearded Jim Morrison holding a six pack of Budweiser “Tall Boys” with girlfriend Pamela Curson behind him and friend Michael McClure flipping off the camera is just awesome. The undated photo was taken sometime in 1969.  We all know pretty well that Jimbo liked to party and drink some beer but it’s apparent by these photos that he preferred Budweiser.  Check out some more photos of Jim enjoying a a nice cold “Bud“.

beer time

Photo courtesy of http://www.feelnumb.com/2013/05/11/photo-of-the-month-jim-morrison-holding-a-six-pack-of-budweiser-tall-boys/


2 thoughts on “Jim, Pam and Michael Mcclure

  1. THIS bearded guy ~ to me ~ looks more like Jim’s bodyguard Babe Hill? Is this definitely Jim as the nose does not look like his? It appears to be longer and not broad enough at the foot and do I detect spectacles too? And though this lady is wearing a cape like Pam’s style I have never seen Pam wearing spectacles until now that is. Just Wondering about this one that’s all. I once saw an old photo which I thought was Jim but it was Babe Hill. If I’m wrong then I apologise.

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