Did Jim Morrison Die On 3 July 1971?

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On 8 December 2013 the legendary singer, poet and cult-figure Jim Morrison would have been 70 years old. His birth chart is depicted below:

Jim Morrison nativity

The exalted Taurus Moon, combined with his natal Venus, essentially debilitated by detriment in Scorpio, already indicate his notoriety and lasciviousness, which was also expressed in his legendary performances with the Doors. Morrison died of heart failure in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris on 3 July 1971 after consuming a large dose of heroin. There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding Morrison’s death, therefore it may be useful to look at the primary directions on the day of his death to establish if the rumours are true.

Jim Morrison death chart

The graphic above shows primary directed Mars conjunct natal Moon and we can also see that the square of Saturn (symbolised by the green dot) is conjunct the natal Ascendant. The great 17th century astrologer William Lilly writes in…

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