The Doors – 60s Rock/Blues/Psychadelic

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Album Review for: The Doors

Album release: january 1967 (Recorded in 1966).

Label: Elektra, Sony Records.

It’s 1966, the hippie movement is shaping up. More and more politically explicit material is brought to the board, not only in music lyrics but also on television and in the newspapers. The hottest place to be at this point is San Francisco, a breeding place for the creativity of the flower power movement. Somehow a return to a more poetic form of music (in the style of Bob Dylan) only seems more or less unoriginal. There is one band though that saw new possibilities in the poetic lyrics of Bob Dylan. The Doors, the band formed by brainchild Jim Morrison went on to become one of the most popular acts of the 60s. their songs were based on the sound of an organ, which, in itself is quite a unique thing. While many…

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