Jim Morrison- The Lizard King

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The famous Lizard King, Jim Morrison, was the doors vocalist and lyricist. Morrison is said to have died on a trip to Paris in July of 1971. However morrisons death sparked an interest in many conspiracy believers who think he may have been alive but kept in hiding. Neither of morrisons bandmates, family or even his girlfriend Pam, had an opportunity to identify his body.

On Numerous occasions, individuals have came forward stating Morrison hadn’t died. Varying stories tell he died in numerous ways, most which haven’t been confirmed as the truth. Word is he died of a heroin overdose in the last report confessed by his body guard where he adds Morrison died inside a nightclub’s bathroom stall.

The Doors were a classic rock group established in 1965, scoured by the Los Angeles music scene. Jim Morrison met his bandmates in Los Angeles during the 60’s. Although he graduated…

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