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  1. Oh I LOVE this quote. This is good to see this kind of poster as my blog as all about Healing and Artistic/Music Prophechies from Jim received in London via dreams to myself and close friends/healers and apparently not far from where he lived. This shows people what he was thinking and not just the drunken Jim. No-one is their own self when drunk anyway and too much emphasis has been on his drink/drugs and Pam’s vices too. I was amazed to see how far she had gone with Vogue etc. on this blog. I have your link on my about page so people can see for themselves. There’s a few conflicting stories about Jim’s sealed coffin. I read in a book that Pam was there with the doctor so she must have identified him if the book told the truth. I won’t mention any names but there’s been a few who should have kept quiet as they only added to the mystery. I put up an interview where Jim spoke for himself. The photos of Jim and Pam’s family together will despell any myths of rifts with The Doors etc. You would not believe what is written on YouTube about Jim hating Ray etc. before he passed away. I don’t buy any of it…Anyway I’m off to put in my fake tears.
    I must put your name as a dedicaiton down on the dream I had about the boutique. and if I can’t find it I will re-write this…Maybe he left a clue in Themis?? Wonder if it still is standing. They found lots of old Poems etc. of Jim’s so wouldn;t it gbe great if something was found in Themis? I just thought of this right now…Night and all the best at this time of year…I don’t celebrate Christmas too much now but do link in with the Jewish one at to honour my father and his side who were all Jewish as I was guided in there before I found out about the Jewish heritage last year.

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