Pamela Courson Home Movie

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Pamela Courson Home Movie

Format: 8mm Color Film
Audio: No
Recordings: VID

Silent home movie footage of Jim Morrison’s longtime girlfriend and common-law wife, Pamela Courson, filmed a year after his death and two years before her own. This footage appears in an obscure French program from 1995 aired on Canal+ said to be called Memories Of A French Ambassador. I have been unable to find any additional information on this program or its original French title, so if anyone can help me fill in some gaps about the origins of this clip, I would greatly appreciate it.

The footage appears to show segments from two different days. According to some researchers, the first clip shows Pamela at an outdoor party held by the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles during a Bastille Day celebration on July 14, 1972. Pamela can be seen standing with several people and then by herself holding a camera. In one scene, she appears to do her best Jim Morrison “moody stare.”

The second segment shows Pamela being filmed by someone and then flopping on the ground and being filmed in close up while talking to whoever is behind the camera.

Definitely some unusual footage in that we know very little about just where it originates and who filmed it. Again, if anyone can help with some more details, please let me know.

Home movie footage of Pamela filmed after 1972 is also known to exist but remains in a private collection.










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