Jim Morrison: A Defence

Floyd's Giblets

You know when someone’s a bit of a dickhead but you don’t want anyone else to say so because he’s like a family member and he also has lots of wonderful qualities that people can’t or choose not to see?

Well, Jim Morrison’s a bit like that.

He – though Robby Krieger denies it – got his lad out and pissed on adoring crowds.

He regularly kept thousands of people waiting and then, upon finally arriving, talked bollocks at frustrating lengths before slurring his way through gigs that people might have spent loads of money and time trying to get to in the hope that they would be rewarded with one of the best days or nights of their lives.

He clambered on stage pissed as a fart in the middle of a relatively intimate Hendrix set and ruined everyone’s good time by stumbling around the place howling barely…

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