The Doors Light My Fire at “Malibu U” 1967 New Footage

Originally shot and broadcast in color, The Doors lip sync ‘Light My Fire’ on an antique fire engine at Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu. Known as Malibu U, this television show is hosted by Rick Nelson and lasts a total of 7 episodes. Jim Morrison does not show up for the filming, so Robby’s twin brother Ron Krieger fills in with his back to the audience, never showing his face. Jim was later filmed atop the 9000 Building in West Hollywood with the sky behind him so as not to reveal the fact that he was not with the rest of the band. The exact filming dates are currently unknown. This half hour show was broadcast on August 25th and again the following day, with the very last episode of Malibu U broadcasting on September 1st.

Credit: The Doors Portal