Jim Morrison Calls It.

Terry Gotham

Jim Morrison Calls It.

Gone too soon. I can’t imagine what music would sound like today if he was still here.

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One thought on “Jim Morrison Calls It.

  1. Well he did influence ALL my music thers in the eighties unbeknown to me at the time Just doing Nick Flavell today who was a friend of mine on myspace Great post for those who don’t like electronic music..ha! Ha! I love all creations from guitar to simple electronic koto and mixed they sound great. Some folks say it’s not real music but who cares. They CAN’T create only comment! Oh I’d better go or I’ll be here all day. I could do with JIM’S influence now for a new Apocalyptic Version of ‘Are U Ready’ but happy to write about my old influences which are being re-vamped and bands he is around whether he is dead or alive. I’ve only had a few come my way influenced by Jim but they are priceless and allow me to write my story abouyt their music. So Jim the visionary is still at large dead or alive! Thanks for this and for dropping by…

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