Rock icon Jim’s book sells for £125,000

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A NEVER-before-seen book containing the final drug-fuelled ramblings of The Doors icon Jim Morrison has sold for £125,000.

The notes and poems were written before the singer was mysteriously found dead in a bath in Paris in 1971, aged 27.

One reads: “Films are collections of dead pictures given artificial insemination.”

Another says: “There’s a guerrilla war going on for the mind of man.”

The last entry reads: “Art is a compromise, a vast midland, it attempts to rejoin subject and object.”

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One thought on “Rock icon Jim’s book sells for £125,000

  1. Well someone must have felt Jim’s so called ramblings were worth it when they shelved out such a huge amount of cash. I like art and if I had lots of money would probably pay a high price for anything I loved which I could treasure. However sometimes buy then re-sell. Good for Jim wherever he is now. I’m no poet bu I do like poetry which means something to me personally. Mhh..Great post here.

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