When the music’s over: John Densmore talks about his days in The Doors

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When he died in a Paris bathtub, 27-year-old Jim Morrison left behind only six completed albums of work with his soon-to-be-canonical rock band, The Doors. Forty-three years later, the self-professed Lizard King’s myth and legacy still loom large over Doors drummer John Densmore. In his latest biography, The Doors Unhinged, Densmore documents his efforts to keep the memory and spirit of Morrison and The Doors alive — rejecting large sums of money for commercial use and taking his former bandmates to court when they tried to tour under the name — at the expense of great financial gains and his friendship with guitarist Robbie Krieger and keyboardist, the late Ray Manzarek. Jonathan Dekel recently sat down with Densmore to discuss his peace offering with the dying Manzarek and the difference between protecting Morrison’s wishes rather than glorifying his self-destruction.

It’s been a wild year for The Doors. You released your…

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One thought on “When the music’s over: John Densmore talks about his days in The Doors

  1. I wonder WHY John Densmore is the only DOOR I haven’t seen Jim with in my dreams? He was with Robbie and Ray a few times before I knew of them touring. Also why has it taken John so long to do this book I wonder? Of course I am writing about music business dreams/healing prophecies/music prophecies and current music inspired by Jim and not the DOORS MUSIC but I will give John’s book a spin anyway….I did dream of JIM looking out a window just before his ‘Woman At The Window’…I guess John Densmore being absent is a mystery and just not meant to be…However my first song ‘Who Is Knocking At Your Door? had a line ‘The organ plays, the DRUMS are grand’…..so perhaps he IS looking down on JOHN with love too..

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