Jim Morrison Handmade collage comic strip circa 1957

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Handmade collage comic strip circa 1957, signed “Jim,” on an off-white 14.5 x 4 sheet. Comic features clipped cartoon characters, many of which are military or royalty, affixed to the sheet, with speech bubbles written by Morrison beside each one. From left to right, the words read: “Arrest this queen…H=80(2)H…Whee!…I’ll make him eat shit…This is the day I put Drano in all the drains…We use Kotex…What can I do for these big tits?…Why Don’t you fight me you bastard…Onward ever forward men. Hurry, Hubba Hubba…Pant puff…Let’s stop at the next gas station…We gotta crap.” Nicely float-mounted and framed in a shadowbox to an overall size of 20 x 9. In fine condition. A very unique piece presenting one of the earliest outlets of the future rock icon’s creativity. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL and RR Auction COA.

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