New discoveries of Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison

A new facebook page has just been created about  Jim and Pam. The page has some incredible photo’s in better and larger quality. I read in one of the photos description that they are also writing a book. The following text and photos is in courtsey of the page Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire:


Jim and Pamela pose in a photo booth around Summer or September 1967, probably New York era.
While one pic, has surfaced to this day, it is likely photos from this day exist.


Jim and Pamela are posing during an event (details unknown) at the  Ambassador Hotel, Coconut Groove (named at the time New Groove) in Los Angeles, early 1968. (exact date unknown)

Jim and Pamela probably around September 1968, exact date and location unknown, but probably London, in what is looking to be backstage of a show.
The digital copy of this photo has been privately bought by us, however we do not own the copyrights: they belong to British photographer, Anthony Stern, mostly famous for his Syd Barrett photos and a series of documentaries he shot during the late 60s in San Francisco hippie communities.


Pamela in Orange High School 1963, yearbook


Page from the autobiography Alberto Marozzi wrote, where he speaks about his short lived affair with Pamela. The piece of paper on the page is the drawing Pamela gave him as well as the address where Jim and her were staying in London, to invite him to visit them.


Pamela poses with Alberto Marozzi in a photobooth, shortly after they met at the Piper Club in Roma, around Mid September 1968.


Pamela poses in a Roma photobooth, here alone, but Alberto is with her, shortly after they meet, at the Piper Club, in Roma. Photo most probably from mid September 1968.


Pamela backstage of the Avalon Ballroom  in San Francisco on possibly either 14th or 15th April 1967, during one of the performances the band gave. Bobby Klein has said he had originally more photos of Pamela, possibly from this event, but sadly they have been lost during a blaze.
In 1967, while Pamela are staying in their Laurel Canyon house, photographer Bobby Klein pay a visit to them at their house and find them both in bed, naked. On Pam’s request he takes a picture of them naked. The photo in itself has never surfaced, there is only this sample that has been showed to this day. Very few copies of the photo have been purchased privately, since Bobby Klein is no longe…r wiling to sell them, out of respect for the couple’s privacy. However one of the buyers showed this sample a while ago on the Lizard Lounge forum. He described Pam being on the photo, sitting on a chair, smiling while Jim is at her side, standing visibly much more uncomfortable looking than her. It has been suggested that this “sample” is actually a fake copy/paste job, using images of Jim and Pamela’s heads spliced from common and separate prior images of the two. Copyright: Bobby Klein
Original photo, taken probably in December 1968, photographer unknown
Photo of the mantelpiece by, Edmund Teske, maybe 31st March 1969.
Copyright: Edmund Teske

All photo and text courtsey of:


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