Jim and Pam Mantlepiece

Text and photos with kind courtesy from Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire:

This photo shows a photo that was on Jim and Pam’s mantlepiece.
One day, friend and neighbor Diane Gardiner, who was living below Jim and Pam’s apartment at 8216 Norton Avenue, was giving a party where Jim was invited.
Out of fury, Pam arrived in Diane’s apartment convinced Jim was flirting with another girl.
She was so angry with him, she brought a picture of them together, with scissors and cut the photo in half, showing them in December 1968 (photographer unknown). Diane collected the picture, fixed it and after this they put it again on their mantelpiece. Photographer Edmund Teske, before shooting the famous ‘Bronson Caves’ series in 1969, visited Jim and Pamela’s apartment before the shoot and took pictures of their apartment and of their mantelpiece where the picture was put again.
The story comes from Jim’s biography ‘Break on through’ by James Riordan and Jerry Prochnicky.