Toronto airport 1968

Shot for the documentary ‘Feast of Friends’, this short footage, shows Pamela at the Toronto airport, on 20th April 1968. She can be seen walking with Jim in the airport, with what looks like in one of her hands, a notebook, possibly belonging to Jim.
Even though the footage shot with Pamela, is very short, more footage from the Toronto airport has been shot the same day, both of Jim and the band.

This black and white footage of the band’s arrival at the Toronto International Airport was shot on April 20th, 1968 and includes filmwork of The Doors as they step off the plane, greet fans, and make their way through the terminal. In-flight segments of footage of the band and crew are shot as they travel from New York. Other black and white film segments from this time period may have been shot backstage at the Toronto concert venue, however performance footage does not appear to exist. Alternate 16mm black and white newsreel footage of Jim Morrison shot backstage by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation includes native audio and confirms the date & location of various segments of ‘Feast of Friends’ footage. Babe Hill is present during this filming, recording audio with the Nagra.

Texts and Screencaps are from the kind courtesy from Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire:

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