New rare picture of Jim and Pam just published

On September 22, 1967, The Doors played two sets at Brown University’s Meehan Auditorium in Providence, RI. Below is a rare photo of Jim Morrison with his girlfriend Pamela Courson taken before the concert that night. Click here to learn more about the concert and see other rare photos and an original print ad. Both photo and text is credited to



2 thoughts on “New rare picture of Jim and Pam just published

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    A great natural photo of Jim and Pamela rather than one posed for though Jim looks rather gaunt here if it was taken in 1967 as I thought he had a rounder face then. However it is a very good one and Pamela looks more natural here and happy too. Jim on the other hand never gives much away in photos smiley-wise UNLESS he has been caught off-guard! He has a great smile but people are people and that’s just him.

  2. This is one of the few natural photos of Jim and Pam where no-one else has been photographed with them. Great photo belonging to them alone…’The Capture I mean here’…Excellent work. Smile Jim it doesn’t hurt to do it!

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