Oliver Stones ‘The Doors’ Meg as Pam

I have not seen The Doors by Oliver Stone in over 15 years. It was nice to see all these screen caps uploaded onto Tumblr today. It brought back some fond memories of first seeing the movie with a several close friends of mine and me walking out of the theater in a daze. I also fell madly in love with Val Kilmer. That face. That body. The way he spoke. The way he sang. The way he performed like Jim Morrison…

I was in love!

Of course the movie was controversial within The Doors community. Oliver Stone took the liberty of changing history and creating several scenes in the film that never happened in real life. Low grade Acid? Never existed. Ray’s hippie wedding to Dorothy in the beach? Didn’t happen that way. Pam meeting Patricia Kennealy for the first time at a Thanksgiving dinner,  where Pamela proceeded to ask Jim “did you put your dick inside this woman?” Never happened. But despite all the historical errors, wrong dates and horrible wigs, the film was good. Val’s incredible performance was Oscar worthy. The film introduced a new generation to the music of The Doors.

I feel like watching the movie now. I think I will Netflix it tonight…

So, here are some screen caps posted by Bandaidpennylane on Tumblr!

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