Art Fein on Pamela Courson


 A comment about Pamela by Art Fein’s on his website:

“Seeing his companion Pamela (who followed him in death later in the 70s) jarred loose a memory of spending a couple of hours in her company when I first got to L.A.
I was working for a showbiz trade paper so was embraced by publicists (whose love faded, with exception, when I lost my job). This time, July, 1973, I was invited over to Chuck Berry’s pool by a friend of his who was watching his house. There I met a record company publicist, with whom my friend was sharing cocaine on the diving board. Like Woody Allen in ‘Manhattan’ I said ”Thanks, I’ve already had enough today” (it was noon), and simply sat and talked.

After a while Pamela came and joined us. She never started a sentence without “Jim used to say” and seemed very spaced out. At the afternoon’s end I drove her to her apartment on Detroit Street, near 3rd & La Brea, and that was that.