8214 Norton Ave is planned to be demolished

Information about Jim’s Last home in the US. There’s plans to demolish it. From trulia.com

8214 Norton Ave Now is your chance to own a piece of Rock ‘n Roll Real Estate history! Rock legend Jim Morrison of “The Doors” home is up for grabs, only for the 2nd time since 1932 with its destiny uncertain. Known worldwide amongst Doors fans as “JIM MORRISON’S LAST KNOWN U.S. RESIDENCE” the 6 unit bldg. located @ 8214 W. Norton Ave., West Hollywood, is one step away from final approval by City Council as a Historical Landmark bldg. and change of use to a Bed & Breakfast. Once approved, it would be the 1st designated Weho landmark based on a famous person having lived there. It would also no longer be under Weho rent control laws. Other Weho B & B’s are currently deriving approx. $550 income per night per unit. If you’re just looking for a multi-residential real estate investment, this may be the building for you where the Ben Fong Torres Rolling Stone Magazine interview took place. If the famous building is sold to a developer, the owner plans to hold an onsite auction so Doors fans can buy original items such as “The Doors” from the building before it is demolished and replaced with 8 new units @ 1200 SF each (or even more if some were designated “afforable housing”) on the lot. Tours are currently offered at $20 per person.