New rare outtake of Jim and Pam from Themis

I’ll just copy and paste directly from the website who posted this photo and information which was

Frank Lisciandro: What about Pam’s shop, Themis?

Babe: I remember being around there one day when somebody delivered this long box. And I was the only one there to receive it, so I received it, and I was intrigued by it. It was a box about eight-by-eight inches and about eight-feet long. I’m wondering what the hell is in here. So I opened it up and it was a goddamn seven-foot Narwhal tusk. I mean it was perfect, spiraled out like a unicorn horn. That’s my memories of Themis.

Frank: Do you think Jim and Pam were ever married?

Babe: No. [Bill] Siddons would have known about it, or Jim at some time would have told somebody about it: you or me or somebody. I figure she had a very supportive influence on his poetry and never missed a chance to rag on him when he went off track. And when he went off fucking around she was always on his ass to get back on the track of his poetry.

Frank: Do you think she was more material-minded than Jim?

Babe: No, no, no way. She wasn’t material-minded; that’s what he loved about her. She realized the beauty of what he was trying to do and his soul. She didn’t care about the material aspect or any of the stuff. That was her whole thing about being against the other Doors, and the office, and everything else. It didn’t have to do with that they weren’t making any more money; it was just that they were wasting his creativity.”

Excerpt from Frank Lisciandro’s interview with Babe Hill in his excellently candid “Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together”.

Photograph is a rarely seen image of Jim and Pam from Pamela Courson’s clothing shop Themis, shot by photographer Raeanne Rubenstein.