New Rare Photo of Pamela Courson with friend John Harris

In 1969, Harris was in his garage in Hollywood, producing a musical score, when somebody knocked.

“As I raised up the door I could see these leather pants,” he says. “Then I saw Jim Morrison (of The Doors), who lived next door with his girlfriend, Pamela (Courson). He said, ‘Hey, that’s a hot piano. What are you doing?’”

Harris explained that he was a filmmaker.

Courson commissioned Harris to shoot films for her art gallery. They all became close friends and stayed in touch even after Morrison and Courson fled to Paris to avoid prosecution for the rock star’s alleged lewd behavior during a concert in Florida.

“By that time I also had become disenchanted with L.A. The city had been one big lovefest until 1969, but suddenly everybody got really angry. Cops were busting people for no good reason. The Manson murders happened just up the hill from where I was living. The vibe had changed and it was time to go,” he says.

This is a picture of John Harris with Pamela Courson.


Text and information:
The photo belongs to John Harris
When I originally posted this yesterday, I did it from my iPhone and rushing to get this done and uploaded, I forgot to source where I found the photo. I found it at
I’m sorry about that. It was an honest mistake. I always source where I find things, but doing it from my iPhone and hurrying it, I forgot to post the link. I saw some of the rude comments on that facebook page that I assumed were aimed at me. There’s no need for such hysterics or rudeness. It’s only a picture. If I forgot to source something, just leave me a message under the post and I’ll read it. Thank you.




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  1. that FB belongs to those two chicks writing the new book on Pam Courson. I agree that they should have came in here and told you to credit their pic instead of inciting anger among their followers. The pic has been posted dozens of times already plus lets be real everyone makes mistake. you’re lucky that those two have tamed their temperament over the years. Had it been 2008 the one writer name Raeanne Bartlett would have came after you and cussed you and your grandma out. she comes across nice today but look at the old Doors forums and you will see how crazy and vulgar she was. The other writer Alix is a tamer version of crazy. Just like the previous Pam writer which was Patricia Butler these two chicks think they own everything related to Pam. Her image, story, everything. They’re behaving as crazy as Butler and they’re obsessed with Pam just as Butler. I hope once their book is published they’ll calm their tits down. I’m not buying their book. I’ll wait for the scans to make the internet which they will because they always will. next time just credit the pics to them not because they own it as they think they do but to calm their crazy tits down. this way they won’t start shit and send a lynch mob after you. the only person they can’t get away with doing that type of shit is Randy Ralston. he put them in their places very fast. that’s all, good luck,

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