You can enhance your own Jim and Pam photos with the Remini App

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There’s a wonderful way to enhance low quality Jim and Pam photos with an app called Remini. It’s free and you can find it on Google Play. If you don’t have Google Play you can find it on Aptoide. As of recent, we have been seeing photos of Pamela and Jim that are in perfect HQ quality. It’s not that a perfect original version has been discovered in a vault. Nor is it what certain Facebook users are claiming to do, which is spending hours using photoshop to fix a photo just to horribly tag it with their Facebook page’s name.

It’s nothing more then a free app that takes less then 50 seconds to download and even less seconds to enhance & turn your photo into a perfect HQ quality. Only downfall is that the free version of this app lets you enhance only 3 photos per day. There’s a pay version of it that lets you do more then 3 photos. I’m using the free version.

This is a direct link to the App on Google Play:

Enjoy it! I know I have! I’ve fixed a few Jim and Pamela photos already as well as old personal family photos. I will of course share what I “fixed” of Jim and Pam with all of you.

Also, please do not feel the need to credit me or my blog when I upload the photos on here. I don’t own the photos. The photographer owns the photos. It’s the photographer who deserves the credit for the actual photos. Same goes with tagging the photos. The only name that belongs on a tagged photo is the photographer’s name and the photographer’s name ONLY. There are also instances when a publication that displays the photo gets credit on the photo right next to the photographer. What shouldn’t be done, that a lot of people nowadays are doing, is tagging the photo with everything but the actual photographer’s name. You don’t tag a photo with the name of a Facebook Group or a Twitter or Instagram fan page. It’s wrong to sprawl any other words or letters on a photograph you did not take. Even if you paid $5,000 for the photo from a seller online or discovered it in a magazine you bought at a Thrift Store. It still remains the same. The photo is not yours, it belongs to the photographer. You can have all the temper tantrums demanding credit from everyone or have one of those vulgar cussing outbursts on your page, it still remains the same. It’s behavior like that why I stopped going on social media pages like Facebook. I haven’t been on Facebook for over a year. For me, Pinterest is the place to be when it comes to photos.

So to my followers on here, please don’t worry. I would never destroy a photograph I never took by tagging it. People who do that are selfish, greedy and stingy. They deserve all the doors of opportunity shut on their faces and a nice dose of karma. 

Everything I post here is to be shared anywhere fans want. I don’t care. Share it. There’s no need to credit me or link my page. I did nothing but a 5 second fix on an app! Credit the photographer instead.

There’s nothing more wonderful then sharing something with everyone without expecting anything in return.  

This will be the last time I speak of this topic. I said what I said. 

And now, here is my first Remini enhancement! I love the way the photo and magazine cover came out! I’m so happy!

Credit for the photo goes to Drag Racing Magazine 1967.




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