Jim and Pam Themis Photo Set

Photography by Raeanne Rubenstein. 1969.



More New Pictures of Jim and Pam’s Laurel Canyon

More photos were added into the IG account jim_morrison_laurel_cyn_house this week. They did a beautiful job with the renovations. I can’t wait to see more photos!



A video clip about the Laurel Canyon home and the fire that took down the original frame of the house.

Source:  instagram/jim_morrison_laurel_cyn_house

Linda Ronstadt remembers Pamela Courson


“I remember Jim showing up at the Fillmore with Pamela and she just looked like someone had been dancing on her jaw,” says Linda Ronstadt. “I asked her what had happened and she said, no pun intended, “I ran into a door!”

Quote came from Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire

Colors!A night out with Pamela Courson


I will just copy/paste this story directly from the source.

Pam Courson is usually mentioned in biographies of Jim Morrison but she almost evades a closer look at her as a person other than Morrison’s “Cosmic Mate”. In “Strictly From Hunger!” a memoir of musician John Morton’s experiences as one of the hottest bands in L.A. in 1968. The excerpt tells the story of night he and a bandmate ran into Pam Courson. “Strictly From Hunger!” is a work in progress, here is the excerpt on the night with Pam Courson.

One of our songs, “Colors”, came about because we met Pam Courson at The Whisky. She came back stage and I just figured she was a groupie wanting a piece of the band. She said her name was Valerie Sunshine (this may not have been unusual for Pam in an article about her boutique, Themis, Pam used the pseudonym Pamela Roselilly). She told us she wasn’t interested in sex but she had some LSD she wanted to share and go down to Santa Monica beach. Mike Lane and I said, “What the hell! Why not!” We were done with our set and it wasn’t the first time we spent late hours with chicks getting high.

Me, Valerie, and Mike walked on the beach in Santa Monica. The night was perfect on the beach, full moon and turquoise ocean with beautiful waves rolling in. In the distance you could see the lights on the pier. Valerie was like a goddess in a white lace see through blouse and an airy short white skirt with long red hair. She was running and skipping on the sand like a carefree child. She just breezed through the air, floating like a leaf, a beautiful white leaf. Valerie had that magical quality that just drew you in, it was her night. We were all high on Blue Owsley one of the strongest mind altering acid you could take. Some people experienced peace and calm, others experienced wild and frantic abandonment. If we had been with anybody else it would probably have been the later. Valerie was just this innocent soul who wanted to share herself. At least that’s how I was envisioning her as an angel passing through time that just so happened to catch the attention of two wiley musicians. She was magical. All of sudden the intensity of colors just emerged from nowhere. She smiled and said” can you see how fantastic the world is?” She looked at Mike and me and said, “Create me a song!” We looked over at the pier and flashed on the beautiful lights and colors and watched the waves roll in simultaneously from the turquoise sea under a bright moonlit sky and Mike Lane sang “lights flashing, images before my eyes, people turning finally/all the colors in the world have come from me.” How profound in that moment, I finished with “try and realize what life is worth if you don’t have a disguise.” At that moment there was a full orchestra at my command and the music just flowed in, the violins and strings just resounded as if I was conducting the song. Valerie said “Bravo! You did not let me down!” Valerie Sunshine had made an unforgettable night! Who would have thought we would of experienced something greater than sex? It was as orgasmic as it gets. She then became the mad hatter and said “I’m late! I’m late for a very important date.” We drove back to The Whisky and Valerie said as she got out of the van, “in the real world my name is Pam—Pam Courson.” Then she disappeared into the crowd.

The next day as we were rehearsing we put together our new song “Colors.” It just came together seamlessly, guitars, keyboard and vocals. The song instantly became part of our set list. I didn’t put two and two together till years later that Pam Courson was Jim Morrison’s girlfriend. That night in 1968 I’ll always remember her as Valerie Sunshine.

If you would like to keep up with the progress of the book or find out more information about John Morton and Hunger! please visit the Strictly From Hunger Facebook page.

Link to the song on Youtube:

Article from http://www.examiner.com/article/a-night-out-with-pam-courson?CID=examiner_alerts_article

Lana Del Rey being inspired by Jim and Pam

As I was looking up Doors lyrics, I stumbled across a blog from which I posted from many times before. Singer Lana Del Rey is a fan of Jim Morrison and was inspired by him to write a song called “Ultraviolence”. Mygloombeauty on tumblr wrote this on her blog with this photo:


“Just rewatched Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’ music video which was released two months ago. Took me a little time to give my review but here it is. I left a similar one on YouTube yesturday. Lots of complaining in there about the video being boring but the kids just don’t get it. The symbolism behind this video is really beautiful…I totally understand it. The symbolism of this song, why Lana wrote it, why she made the music video this way is all part of her story of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson. She is a Morrison fan as most of you should know, she must know the story behind Jim’s relationship with girlfriend Pamela Courson. He whisked Pamela off her feet at 18 years old and pretty much “raised her up”. Jim was a brilliant poet and great singer for The Doors but he was also quite a womanizer and when Jim drank he could be brutally violent. Pamela could have been described as Deadly Nightshade or Poison Ivy for the way she treated men to get back at Jim. Lana’s lyrics describes their relationship perfectly especially this part: “ We could go back to New York, Loving you was really hard, We could go back to Woodstock, Where they don’t know who we are..” Loving Jim Morrison was EXTREMELY hard from everything I read over the years. Read any bio book on him. Then add Jim’s fame with The Doors which made it even harder for their relationship. Something else in this video that grabbed my attention was that Pam begged Jim to marry her. They always got the marriage license and have that ready to go but Jim would buckle up and never go through with it. In the end, they never married. Jim died of a heroin OD at the age of 27 years old. In his last Will he left everything to Pam. This is why Lana appears alone in this video wearing a 60’s style wedding dress. Lana has a very fragile look throughout the whole video. Very little makeup. White. Hair straight and flowing down. Reminiscent of the way Pam looked during the Bronson Caves photos. Like Pam, Lana is alone in the end of the video. She reached the alter and no one is there. Jim died. She’s alone. In real life, Pam died 3 years later of a heroin OD as well. She too was 27 years old. Thank you Lana for putting so much thought and effort into your videos. That’s why I always love her work. I hope her fans could just dig into them a little more then just scratching just the surface.”

Lanapedia wrote this:

“J is mentioned in “Ultraviolence” as Jim, however, this may not actually be referencing a love interest of Del Rey’s. “Jim” may be referring to Jim Morrison – a long-time inspiration of Del Rey’s – and his love interest Pamela Courson. It has been noted that it is possible Morrison had violent tendancies towards Courson despite the fact that they stayed together until Morrison died. It also could be noted that the lyrics mention Woodstock – a music festival which was before Del Rey’s time, however, during Morrison’s (Morrison’s band, “The Doors“, was scheduled to play at Woodstock). The music video of “Ultraviolence” also depicts Del Rey as a lone bride with no groom. Over the years they were together, Morrison and Courson had always planned to get married, however, they never did. It was suggested that Courson was intent on marrying Morrison although Morrison wasn’t interested.”

Very interesting stuff!