Beautiful Jim Morrison and Pam Courson artwork

By the beautiful



Dress by Tere Tereba for Pam’s shop Themis

From sis_vintage on instagram. She wrote:

Fell in love with this dress at the Rose Bowl, spent way too much money on it and then started researching the label: “Malibu Media.” This led me to Tere Tereba, the designer of this dress. A super cool woman who got her start designing at Young Edwardian (!!!) at 19 (!!!!). She was friends with Andy Warhol (starred in one of his movies) and Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson among many others. Her dresses were in Pamela’s Sunset Strip store “Themis.” Time machine, please. 💜


Other dresses by Tere Tereba that could possibly have been in Pam’s shop.



Jim Morrison posing in the doorway at his Laurel Canyon home in 1968

These are photographs of Jim Morrison posing in the doorway of his home in Laurel Canyon, 8021 Rothdell Trail. These were taken by Paul Ferrara in 1968. It was believed to have been taken in 1967 at the Harry Houdini house but the people who run jim_morrison_laurel_cyn_house on instagram say that this is from his Laurel Canyon home.



This photo was provided by jim_morrison_laurel_cyn_house instagram page and it’s the doorway at Laurel Canyon the way it looks today.


Source: instagram/jim_morrison_laurel_cyn_house


Possibly Jim and Pamela at a concert hall

A nice photo of Jim Morrison either before or after a concert. This was submitted to me by a follower who asked me if this is Pamela. The picture was originally posted on Instagram by
I don’t know if it’s Pam, but it’s a possibility it can be her. It’s definitely Jim Morrison.


Vest made by Pamela for Three Dog Night’s Jimmy Greenspoon

Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night is shown wearing a vest made by Pamela Courson! It was for the album Seven Separate Fools.

The first picture was posted by Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire and the second by Shannon Hogan.