Vest made by Pamela for Three Dog Night’s Jimmy Greenspoon

Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night is shown wearing a vest made by Pamela Courson! It was for the album Seven Separate Fools.

The first picture was posted by Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire and the second by Shannon Hogan.



The Courson Family

Penny and Corky Courson. May they both rest in peace.


Penny Courson, Pam’s mom

Judy Courson with her children in the 70’s

The Courson Family
Pamela’s sister Judith “Judy” Courson back in the 1970’s when she was modeling.
Various photos of Corky Courson, Pamela’s father, over the years.
Jim and Pam’s family with John Densmore, attending court.
Corky Courson at the time when he was serving his country.
Robby Krieger and Corky Courson during the late 70’s.
Corky and Penny Courson among friends
Corky and Penny behind a seat of a car with a friend
Pearl “Penny” Courson, Pam’s mother
Judith Courson with her daughter
Judy Courson present day
Judy present day
Corky’s grave site. He was buried in Santa Barbara Cemetery, Sunrise Urn Garden, Southwest Section, Grave 05

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The Garden Party

By 1972, Pamela was trying to move on with her life after Jim’s death. These following pictures were taken from a video tape labeled “Garden Party” . This Garden Party took place at an Ambassador’s home in France either in 1972 or 1973. Pam had many friends in France and one of them was the Ambassador and his family.  Pam smiles at the camera trying her best to come across as cheery, but the pain can still be felt in her eyes. The video is on youtube and I posted an entry with it here. Search a few pages back.







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Video clip of Pamela Courson in 1972

There aren’t many video clips of Pamela Courson, even after she’s been dead for so many years. One clip that has always fascinated me is the one where you see Pam running across the screen and lying down under a tree. I don’t know anything about the clip other then it was recorded in 1972. It’s only 32 seconds long and it’s accompanied by other images, including another quick clip of Pam at a party. From what I gather, Pam was invited to a garden party in 72′, by friends of  a French Ambassador. The video above is the full black and white version of the Garden Party with Pamela and the clip of her lying under the tree, looking into the camera. The video below is a beautiful color version of her running towards the tree and lying down. Her close-up’s are beautiful. It has never been said who filmed her. I heard rumors of this video footage in 1996. The year this clip was actually aired on French Television was in 1995. Only some had this video footage in their private collection. Thank goodness for YouTube and the people who had this footage who kindly shared it with the world.