New rare Themis photos 1969

New unseen rare photos (and some not so rare) from the Themis photo shoot by Raeanne Rubenstein, 1969



Linda Ronstadt remembers Pamela Courson


“I remember Jim showing up at the Fillmore with Pamela and she just looked like someone had been dancing on her jaw,” says Linda Ronstadt. “I asked her what had happened and she said, no pun intended, “I ran into a door!”

Quote came from Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire

Jim and Pam larger Themis photo

A nice version of the Themis photo shoot. It’s a clearer and larger. Too bad they cut Tere Tereba out of the photo. I would love to see this version with Tere in it. It’s beautiful either way and was posted by this Instagram account:


Vest made by Pamela for Three Dog Night’s Jimmy Greenspoon

Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night is shown wearing a vest made by Pamela Courson! It was for the album Seven Separate Fools.

The first picture was posted by Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire and the second by Shannon Hogan.


Behind the picture Jim Morrison levitating Pamela

From the Examiner’s page:

“According to Bez the reason the pictures were taken with Courson was because “Pam was just tagging along with Jim and wanted to try the trick.” But the pictures of Courson “levitating” almost didn’t work out because Courson was “quite a bit larger than Cathy, she did a good job of balancing on the rig.” The one sad bit of information is that Bez took a lot more pictures of Morrison that day but they were stolen.”

To read the rest of the article here is the link