Laurel Canyon recent photos

This beautiful image is by from the street where Jim and Pam’s home Love Street is.


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Dress by Tere Tereba for Pam’s shop Themis

From sis_vintage on instagram. She wrote:

Fell in love with this dress at the Rose Bowl, spent way too much money on it and then started researching the label: “Malibu Media.” This led me to Tere Tereba, the designer of this dress. A super cool woman who got her start designing at Young Edwardian (!!!) at 19 (!!!!). She was friends with Andy Warhol (starred in one of his movies) and Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson among many others. Her dresses were in Pamela’s Sunset Strip store “Themis.” Time machine, please. 💜


Other dresses by Tere Tereba that could possibly have been in Pam’s shop.



Oliver Stones The Doors Screen caps of Jim and Pam Part 2

More screen caps from The Doors movie. Meg Ryan as Pam Courson and Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. People who knew Jim and Pam say that the scene where he locked her in a burning closet really did happened.





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Linda Ronstadt remembers Pamela Courson


“I remember Jim showing up at the Fillmore with Pamela and she just looked like someone had been dancing on her jaw,” says Linda Ronstadt. “I asked her what had happened and she said, no pun intended, “I ran into a door!”

Quote came from Pamela Courson-She Dances In a Ring of Fire