Jim, Pam and Anne Morrison at Laurel Canyon

According to the instagram page jim_morrison_laurel_cyn_house
“Recently got confirmation that this rare photo was taken at LoveStreet outside on the front patio. Anne (Jim’s sister), Jim, Anne’s son/Jim’s nephew and Pam.”
Thank you to Jim Morrison Laurel Cyn House for all their great information.



Judy Huddlesston’s thoughts about Pam’s Themis shop


Her dress shop, Themis, had seemed more of an opulent environment than a regular boutique—high-end hippie with a Moroccan vibe. Pam had breezed over, noticed the Japanese silk dress I was wearing, and clutched at the material, her huge green eyes hypnotized. Wearing an embodied robe too and pants, she seemed slightly giddy. […] Kathy, sensing a meltdown, had found a quick excuse for us to exit the shop. She assured me Pam was just stoned; it had nothing to do with remembering my face.

-Judy Huddleston from her book Love Him Madly

Photo from Pam.Susan.Courson facebook page