New rare Themis photos 1969

New unseen rare photos (and some not so rare) from the Themis photo shoot by Raeanne Rubenstein, 1969



Dress by Tere Tereba for Pam’s shop Themis

From sis_vintage on instagram. She wrote:

Fell in love with this dress at the Rose Bowl, spent way too much money on it and then started researching the label: “Malibu Media.” This led me to Tere Tereba, the designer of this dress. A super cool woman who got her start designing at Young Edwardian (!!!) at 19 (!!!!). She was friends with Andy Warhol (starred in one of his movies) and Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson among many others. Her dresses were in Pamela’s Sunset Strip store “Themis.” Time machine, please. 💜


Other dresses by Tere Tereba that could possibly have been in Pam’s shop.



The beautiful brunette posing with Jim and Pam for the Themis photos

The gorgeous brunette posing with Jim and Pam in the Themis photo shoot is Tere Tereba. I have written about her in the past on this page which you can read on this link.

Just thought I post some solo photos of Tere from Themis since she was also part of designing clothes and helping Pam out. She always sticks out a lot in the Themis pictures. Beautiful lady just like Pam.










This is a picture of Tere today still looking as beautiful.


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Three Dog Night clothes designed by Pamela Courson

The band Three Dog Night wore clothes from Pam’s boutique Themis for their new album photo shoot LP sleeve ‘It ain’t easy’.  According to Jimmy Greenspoon, Pamela Courson designed the clothes and they were all custom made for the band. They were one of a kind.

The band’s album cover


The back


Photos from the shoot with the band mates wearing the clothes Pamela designed and made for them.







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Pamela Courson’s friendship with Tere Tereba

Tere Tereba was a dear friend of Pamela Corson’s, and appears in the Themis photo shoot.  Tere Tereba (born in Warren, Ohio) is an American fashion designer, writer, and actress. She is well known as one of the pioneers of women’s “contemporary” clothing design and for playing “Ingrid Joyner” in Andy Warhol’s Bad (1977).

Tere was raised in Los Angeles, California, where her perspective was shaped and influenced by the city itself, along with the music, imagery and pop culture of the late 1960s. She spent her teen years going to clubs on the Sunset Strip to see musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Michael Bloomfield and Jim Morrison perform.


 Jim and Pamela, discovered Tere and recruited her to design for her boutique, Themis. Simultaneously, Tere was hired as an apprentice by Young Edwardian, then the most important junior fashion label in the country, to sketch designs in the back room. Six months later, she proved herself by designing a collection which sold tens of millions of dollars at retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman-Marcus. Before reaching voting age, Tere herself had become a force in the fashion industry.

Tere caught the attention of Andy Warhol in Los Angeles. They invited her to visit the Factory, then at 33 Union Square West, when she came to New York. Soon she was writing for and being written about in Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Warhol once described Tere as “looking like Hedy Lamarr and acting like Lucille Ball.” Her passion for rock music segued into film, which resulted in her interviewing many prominent filmmakers for the magazine, such as Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

Next, she was cast in the black comedy, Andy Warhol’s Bad (1977), directed by Jed Johnson. She played the mother of an autistic child, which was a ground-breaking subject for film at the time. She also played a small role in the similarly themed film, Madame Wang’s (1981), directed by Paul Morrissey.

Tere continued creating fashion trends (her designs garnered 24 covers of Women’s Wear Daily) and setting trends in her personal life with her idiosyncratic apartment, which was featured in Architectural Digest and as an early collector of artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Golden Age of Hollywood photographer, George Hurrell, was brought out of retirement to photograph her.

She emerged from a hiatus to design cutting-edge fashions for the twenty-something’s of the 21st Century. Paris Hilton was soon seen wearing Tere Tereba’s latest designs for Bebe.

Tere has written a biography of the notorious Hollywood gang lord, Mickey Cohen, and the Los Angeles underworld, entitled Mickey Cohen: The Life and Crimes of L.A.’s Notorious Mobster, which was released May 1, 2012.

Tere for Malibu Media
One of Tere’s designs that is being sold today on Etsy


From Tere :

“I read an article in about a book, The End: Jim Morrison, by Sam Bernett. It’s coming out in France. It’s about the untimely demise of Jim Morrison & purportedly clears up what really happened. What do I think about this take on his death? Jim & Pam were both my friends. I was a teenager then and this still remains sensitive material for me. I was with them, in Paris, until days before his death. Goodbyes (for Jim Morrison) read it here. I wrote this as a memorial to Jim just days after his shocking death. It details of some of my time with Jim and Pam in Paris. They were good times — but obviously there was much more going on with them than what I was exposed to… I never believed Jim Morrison died of a heart attack. In Paris they both told me things privately. He told me that he had an ongoing health issue that he’d been seeing a doctor about. I learned the details: He told it had to do with his lungs, and that he’d been coughing up blood. My final opinion has always been that something like the scenario laid out in this book is what could have happened. And that Pam Courson, whom I felt cared deeply for Jim and did want only the best for him, unfortunately, may have ended up being the instigator of the whole situation that led to his death. He ALWAYS did what she said: he adored & trusted her so much! I don’t believe she ever planned for that to happen. For him, dangerous things had been going on for the first time. WHAT A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY! They loved each other & had great plans for the future.

P.S. I never talked to Pam again—I chose not to after Jim’s death. As fate would have it I did see her, by coincidence, numerous times (albeit at a distance): she died in LA—in an apartment on N. Sycamore directly next door to the building where I was living at the time. One night an ambulance awakened me. Only later after reading the morning paper did I realize that the ambulance was carrying the body of Pamela Courson. She was DOA, 3 years after Jim. There was no mystery surrounding her death.

There is more… maybe later.”





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