Sharon Tate and the mysterious Moroccan djellaba

Sharon Tate, here pictured around 1969, with her husband, Roman Polanski, were customers of Pam’s store, Themis. She is seen wearing a traditional Moroccan djellaba robe.  Although, it has not been proven she has actually purchased this item, in Themis, it is almost certain she bought it at Themis, as only Pamela sold those kind of items at the time, in Los Angeles.




The following picture is from a TV program about Charles Manson and his “family”. Note below that one of his followers is wearing the same Moroccan djellaba robe that both Sharon and Pam are wearing. The Manson family were known to be thieves, or as they called it “creepy crawling” their way into people’s homes to steal whatever caught their eyes. I don’t know if the night Sharon was murdered they stole any of her clothes, but it is very eerie that one of Manson’s followers was wearing this same rare djellaba that Sharon owned in 1969, at one of  those “Free Manson’s” protests. The only one selling these expensive Moroccan djellaba at the time was Pamela in her boutique Themis.


Pam wearing it.


Some of the text and photos are courtesy of Pamela Courson-She dances In a Ring of Fire: