Soul Mates for Eternity

Soul Mates

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2 thoughts on “Soul Mates for Eternity

  1. Often I have read about Jim and Pam being soulmatesand although I dreamed of Jim in a boutique many times I have not seen Pam with him anywhere…yet??? Many of my friends who have also had dream prophecies about Jim have seen him with me but not as a lover. I wonder where PAM is. Perhaps we cannot choose who we appear to(dead or alive). I wonder if the fact that there was another pale blue disc alongside Jim many years ago in the eighties if this was someone along with him. This is why I wrote the short story ‘Has Jim met Pam?’..We know what we know and not always WHY we know. One day perhaps…Fortunately for me ALL of the dreams had prophetic overtones and have bore out hence my being able to write about SOME of them. This has been real hard work for you putting up all this information which is greatly appreciated. I am in the present with dream info only and you in the past (to me the only decent blog written about Pam and Jim) showing their gifts, good and caring side so it’s a GREAT combination. Too much hype about them from others so well done and thanks again for looking in. I’m making soup for friends who are changing their life today..

  2. Hey I’m back. Just noticed the words ‘Forever Young’…Jim must know you are doing this as he wrote these words down few years back and I’ve been watching for them in connection to his life and here they are. So perhaps you may see them together…I will watch for it…the jewel on the forehead I was inspired to wear in 1984 but didn;t as I couldn’t figure out why….now that would have been amazing…So he may be looking for her or with her..I keep asking now and then so I guess I knwo what I know and nothing more nor less…Peace, Love and Good Health..

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